I understand that facing issues on your own can be difficult.

You might be navigating a life transition or a relationship problem, or suffer from a lack of confidence or meaning in your life. Perhaps you are encountering work struggles. Whatever issues you may be experiencing, my role as a counsellor and coach in St Albans and online is to help you to understand your problems and devise a bespoke counselling/coaching plan for moving forward – in a way that makes sense to you.

To arrange your initial assessment session for counselling and coaching in St Albans and online, call or message me on 07767 625003 or fill out the contact form.

Short Term Work

Engaging in therapy does not have to mean committing to weekly (or more) sessions for open-ended, lengthy periods.

I have experience of working using short term, solution focused and brief approaches. Many of my clients work with me for 6-10 sessions. Some find one session can help them to move forward.

Some clients come for a short time and return when they want to work on something else. Some come weekly and others less frequently. There is no set expectation and I am happy to discuss a pattern that works for you.

Longer Term Work

Sometimes we get stuck and find ourselves going around in circles, feeling like we come up against the same set of issues again and again. Maybe we find ourselves repeating patterns of behaviour in our relationships or in how we operate at work without really understanding why.

Some of my clients find it helpful to have an ongoing, open-ended relationship which enables a deeper exploration of issues. Others simply want to know that once in their week there is a confidential place where they can experience being fully heard and supported. It can be helpful to work over a longer time to explore more entrenched behaviours which may have roots which lie deeper in our experience and my training and background enable me to offer this option.


My coaching is designed to help you to gain clarity about what you are looking to achieve and hold yourself to account and make the most of your potential. There may be a particular obstacle or goal in your life that you want to tackle, and I can give you the bespoke help required to get where you want to be. This is a structured short-term service, personalised closely to each individual, that provides the tools you need to navigate blocks to reaching your goals.

For further information about the different problems I can address as a counsellor and coach in St Albans and online, see my Areas I Work With page. My sessions are available to clients in St Albans and online.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling and coaching works, or to arrange an introductory chat. You can call or message me on 07767 625003 or email me below.

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